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Actavis promethazine with codeine purple cough syrup

We are Genuine Suppliers of High quality ACTAVIS PROMETHAZINE WITH CODEINE PURPLE COUGH SYRUP, Phenergan, XANAX, EpherdrineHCL from the U.S.Specification:Each 5 mL contains: Promethazine hydrochloride 6.25 mg; codeinephosphate 10 mg. Alcohol 7%.Indication: Cough SuppressantDosage Form: SyrupValidity: 2yrsStrength 200mgDrug : 1622-62-4432oz, 16oz, 8oz 4ozActavis promethazine with codeine purple cough syrup And medical marijuna for sale

Date: 07/07/2012 Views: 412
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